Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

Plum is the easiest way for people to buy and own vacation homes together.  

We have developed a process to help people buy vacation homes together and are now seeking a Sr. Ruby on Rails Developer who can work with a team to translate this vision into an elegant, consumer friendly co-ownership platform.  

Work You’ll Do

  • Build an elegant and simple consumer experience that makes it easy for groups of people to buy and own homes together.  We’ve got a good head start.
  • Work within Plum’s technical stack and release process.  Our initial product is hosted in AWS (RDS, ECS), w/ Postgres, Redis, Ruby on Rails.
  • Write effective and scalable code, and iterate quickly.  As we launch, we’ll magnify what’s working, and refactor or remove the things that aren’t.  Be ready to code, release, test, iterate, repeat!
  • Document your work, participate in code reviews, and automate your test scripts.  “Doing the right things” consistently is a key part of the job.
  • Learn together.  Expect an environment where everyone is committed to learning through code reviews and debugging.


  • Strong personalities with big hearts will do well here.  We like really smart, very passionate people who will do what it takes to win, and who also volunteer in their communities and bring soup to co-workers when ill.  #GoodNaturedAssKickers
  • Real time in the saddle as a Ruby Developer.  We’re less interested in where you learned to code, and more interested in what you can do.  Show us that you’ve got the experience to make an outsized impact here.
  • Object-oriented programming, check.  Ruby libraries, check.  Be prepared to show us that you’ve got the chops and can do the work proactively and independently.
  • It’s hard to make something simple.  We’ll want to see consumer products you’ve helped build which highlight your uncanny ability to root out unnecessary steps and replace them with elegant and frictionless user experiences.
  • Knowledge of agile software development.  We run on 2 week sprints.  We prologue, and epilogue, and use Jira to track it all.  Straightforward, but important.

You can be anywhere in US or Canada as long as you’re cool traveling a bit (we’re in Raleigh-Durham).  This is a early team role, and we’re in it to win it, so, yeah… full time and then some.  We’re really keen on being an Equal (and equitable) Opportunity Employer.

Interested? Click to apply and share a note as to why you’d be an amazing fit.  Links to the products you’ve built and GitHub repositories are worth gold, so include them!  


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