How It Works

Plum simplifies co-ownership with tools to help you every step of the way.

We help you through the journey

All the details you want to know

Listen to shared experiences

Your dream is affordable and within reach

We’re here to help!

Our Platform

The Plum platform helps you through every step of the co-ownership process. Our features include:

Plum Marketplace

Share your Plum with the world! The marketplace gets you visibility to find the right people so that you can form your group quickly and get started.

LLC Agreement

Building your LLC operating agreement is a breeze with Plum.  We quickly step you through key decisions so that you can protect your interests and get it in writing before you buy a house!

Vacation Scheduler

Everyone is happier when they feel fairly treated!  You can build a fair and equitable  vacation schedule in less than 3 minutes with Plum’s Vacation Scheduler.

Maintenance Plan & Calendar

Your dream house deserves to be taken care of, so we provide you with an easy-to-understand Plum Maintenance Plan. You’ll know exactly when to change that air filter, and when to call a professional to inspect the thingamabob down in the crawlspace.

House Binder

A one stop shop for everything about the house. Your secure, online folder will include:

  • Contact Information
  • Vendor List
  • House Rules
  • Integrated Calendar
  • Local Information

Plum Certified Realtor

We’ve helped you sail through the process, and now you’re ready for some fun! We’ll introduce you to a Plum Certified Realtor… someone who has taken the time to truly understand co-ownership and who is familiar with our process.


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