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PlumCertified Real Estate Agents

Be the Co-Ownership Expert in your market

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Differentiate yourself in a crowded market. Our program provides the platform and tools you need to successfully market and close co-ownership vacation home transactions. As the exclusive expert in your market, you are eligible to receive buyer and seller referrals from Plum. For just $99/mo, paid annually, Plum provides everything you need to earn more (schedule a call for team pricing). 

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Digital Tools

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PlumWidget (& lower prices!) get attention

Co-ownership increases engagement, increases the pool of interested and qualified buyers, and positions you as an expert in your market. Plum will work with your team to implement a Plum Widget on your IDX feed that auto-fractionalizes select listings.

Educate Your Market

Plum provides an easy process to deliver co-ownership content on your website,  helping to educate potential buyers and drive engagement.

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Screenshot of Co-Ownership and Fractional Ownership Calculator for vacation homes

Increase Engagement

The Plum co-ownership calculator is accessible directly from your website. Capture email when users create a detailed cost sheet.

Deliver Value Through Events

Co-host an in person or virtual event with Plum.  We’ll showcase the benefits of co-ownership to a captive audience and create a more immersive experience for potential buyers and sellers.

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Custom Agent Landing Pages

Plum will build a custom landing page for your market…highlighting you as the local co-ownership expert. With the help of our digital marketing professionals, this will broaden your search engine visibility. Of course, we share the leads with you. At Plum, we’re all about groups and collaboration.


At Plum, buyers can team up to purchase vacation homes, while sellers can fractionalize their properties into smaller shares for liquidity. Once a property is PlumCertified, meaning it’s all set to go, we refer the seller to our exclusive PlumCertified Agent in that area. This referral process is similar to a corporate relocation, where Plum has worked to fully solidify the group…by forming an LLC, creating a joint bank account, building a custom operating agreement, securing financing (if needed), and using Plum’s tools to create a top-notch listing. With Plum’s help, the buyers are ready to view properties and sign a contract, typically for higher-end luxury homes. For sellers, the process is very similar.

      • Plum Groups are ready to buy and our referral fee is 30%.

Secure your exclusive area today. Get PlumCertified.

Once your request below is received, we’ll confirm that your desired market is available and reasonable (sorry, we’re unable to offer entire states :>). We’ll also schedule a call to make sure we’re aligned. Then, Plum will send a Sales Order form to sign electronically. After we receive your signed form, we’ll create an invoice. Once paid, we can begin working together to bring co-ownership to your market and help your business grow.

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Referring other Agents

Once PlumCertified, you can earn co-marketing dollars simply by referring Plum to other top agents around the country.


Want to talk about your team or office becoming PlumCertified? Please schedule an appointment. We’d love to talk with you.

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