How It Works

Plum simplifies co-ownership with tools to help you every step of the way.

We help you through the journey

All the details you want to know

Listen to shared experiences

Your dream is affordable and within reach

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How it Works

Start or join a Plum group

A Plum is a proposal to co-own a vacation home with other people. Find the plum that meets your needs or start your own!

Create the terms of ownership

Once the group is complete, members will finalize the terms of ownership.

Terms include the group policy towards pets, firearms, guests, renting the property, as well as the length of ownership.

Form the LLC

Plum will help you form the LLC to purchase a vacation home.

An LLC helps protect everyone involved and simplify the process of banking, taxes, and accounting.

Open joint bank account and place your deposit

A small deposit guarantees your spot in the group and helps pay for incidental expenses such as the home inspection.

Connect with a Plum Certified Realtor

We will help you find an experienced realtor in your location who understands how to serve your group of decision-makers.

Buy your dream vacation home

After closing, the Plum platform will help you manage vacation schedules, home maintenance, and more.

Plum Smart

Download the Definitive Guide to Vacation Co-ownership

We’ve invested hundreds of hours in interviews and direct client engagements with co-owners.  We’ve compiled the best of what we’ve learned into this 12 page guide, and are happy to share lessons learned.  Enjoy!

Download the Guide


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