How It Works

Plum simplifies co-ownership with tools to help you every step of the way.

We help you through the journey

All the details you want to know

Listen to shared experiences

Your dream is affordable and within reach

We’re here to help!

Real Estate Agents

Earn more through Co-Ownership

Co-ownership, a growing real estate trend, addresses affordability and allows clients’ dreams to come true. Easy for everyone. Any property, anywhere. 

Co-ownership real estate agents with a mix of 4 men and 2 women

More Buyers

Help more people achieve their vacation home ownership dreams. Plum CoOwnership enables groups to buy $1m vacation houses versus individually buying $400K condos. It’s accessible and less expensive.


More Listings

Differentiate yourself while farming and at listings presentations.

  • Advise sellers of your wider access to buyers…groups listed in the PlumMarketplace.
  • Market fractionalization to gain liquidity, while still owning their vacation home. 

More Referrals

Outside of a vacation market? No worries. Most of our clients aren’t there either.  Refer vacation home sellers AND buyers in your market and earn referral fees on their share within a group using Plum.  Again, any property, anywhere.


“Could you write all of my upcoming newsletters?”

Georgia Baily Ursy
DeLoach Sotheby’s Realty

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Hear from a leading Real Estate Agent

Brian Whiteside with Monarch Realty received two $1M referrals from Plum in just 3 months. He shares his partnership experience with Plum CoOwnership.  

Make more with Plum

Plum CoOwnership is the leading, flexible co-ownership platform for agents and their clients.  It’s a smart move for real estate professionals to expand their business, while providing dream properties and potentially valuable investment opportunities to buyers.  Fractionalization can also help sellers! We offer a user-friendly platform that makes it easy. Our team is made up of experienced real estate and technology professionals who understand the co-ownership model and that provide guidance and support. Start your partnership with Plum today.



PlumCertified Real Estate Agent for co-ownership vacation homes logo in green and purple.
Social, newsletter and blog content. Social, newsletter and blog content.
List select properties in the PlumMarketplace. List select properties in the PlumMarketplace.
Register leads and earn referral fees. Register leads and earn referral fees.
Website assets for engagement
(guides, calculators and the Plum Widget!)
“Talk Track” and Playbook enable Co-Ownership Expertise
Co-hosted Virtual Events.
Custom Landing Pages & Premium SEO/Digital Marketing Support
Co-Ownership Concierge, Training and Support.
Receive referrals of PlumCertified Groups and Sellers in your market.

Free co-ownership content in your inbox.


Secure Exclusivity
in your market today.

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How It Works

Plum simplifies co-ownership with tools to help you every step of the way.

We help you through the journey

All the details you want to know

Listen to shared experiences

Your dream is affordable and within reach

We’re here to help!

Have a Referral?

We’re happy to send you a referral form, schedule a meeting to learn more about the buyer or seller and fully coordinate with you. We’ll take good care of your client and communicate with you all along the way.


Free Listing in PlumMarketplace

Want to increase traffic and leads?  List your property in our co-ownership marketplace for free!

Our marketplace attracts a new type of buyer…one that shares your listings with their entire group.  You’ll get 4x-8x the eyes on your listings, and in an innovative location!

Become a Real Estate Investor

If you’re not already, become a real estate investor yourself through the power of co-ownership. Imagine you and 3, 4 or 5 agents in your office, for example, co-buying income producing vacation properties. It’s smart.

Think Outside the Box

If you’re one of those outside of the box thinkers, you’re already brainstorming. Can I do this with any second home? What about for parents of college kids that would co-buy near campus? What about co-buying an investment property? What about a strip mall? What about boats? The list goes on. Yes to campus housing and investments. No to strip malls and boats (for now). Plum is focused on vacation and second homes. Why? Well, because everyone (almost) wants to own a vacation home. But our goal is to build a platform where anyone can co-buy anything. Have an idea? Just ask.

Still Have Questions?

No worries. Below is a short informative video of our CEO, think “Shark Tank” during the early days of Plum, a link to schedule a quick call to learn more, and a few FAQs.

Some tough questions were asked:

  • Is this just “sexy timeshare?”
  • Aren’t there already other start-ups trying this?
  • How will you scale the legal and operational aspects of managing co-owners?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Plum buying the homes?

No. We help our customers form an LLC with a Group of like-minded individuals, who then purchase, own, and maintain the property together. This opens up the power of co-ownership to almost anyone and they can buy property almost anywhere.

Is Plum involved in the transaction?

Plum is involved throughout the process to form the group and help them connect with PlumCertified Professionals (such as agents, lenders, attorneys, and property managers). A Plum concierge is there to help the group with the Plum platform and serves as a guide throughout the buying process. Plum sometimes attends closing, but only as an advisor to the group. Post closing, the Plum platform helps with scheduling usage and maintenance.

Is Plum a real estate agency?

We are a licensed real estate firm in North Carolina. We can refer to and take referrals from anywhere in the US.

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