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Earn More Money with Plum CoOwnership

Plum CoOwnership has developed a platform and a process to help groups of people gracefully buy vacation homes together.  Refer your clients to Plum and earn a $1,000 referral commission when they form or join a group to co-own a second home. 

If you choose to become a PlumCertified Agent, you can represent the group in the sale and earn full commissions!

$1,000 Referral Fee

If you have a customer or a client who is considering buying a vacation home, please introduce them to Plum and register them with us. You’ll receive a $1000 referral fee if they purchase a home via our process.

Seller Agents

Ready to sell a home in a vacation market?  Become PlumCertified and list your client’s home in our marketplace. This process enables the client to exit entirely to a new ownership group or retain share(s) in the property, and you’ll earn your normal sales commission!

Buyer Agents

Upon becoming Plum Certified, you’ll be eligible for referrals to Plum Groups seeking homes in vacation markets. If we refer a group to you, you will pay us a referral fee and/or pay some of the Buyers closing costs towards our fee, depending upon the circumstance. Plum will be alongside you and the Buyers, our mutual clients, every step of the way.

List in Our Marketplace for Free

Want to increase traffic and leads?  List your property in our co-ownership marketplace for free!

Our marketplace attracts a new class of buyer…  one that shares your listings with their entire group.  You’ll get 4x-8x the eyes on your listings, and in an innovative and new location!

Get Help with Co-Ownership

We love working with real estate agents to bring the power of co-ownership to their clientele, and to make more money as they do!  Let us know how we can be of service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get paid as a Real Estate Agent?

Plum will pay a $1,000 referral fee for any referral that completes a purchase of one or more shares.  Click here to register a lead.

Does is cost me anything to work with Plum as an Agent?

Plum allows real estate agents to become PlumCertified for free, and you can list properties for free!  To benefit from Plum’s ability to bring a group through the purchase process, you do need to have paid subscription.

Does Plum buy the house?

No. We help our customers form an LLC with a Group of like-minded individuals, who then purchase, own, and maintain the property together.

Is Plum involved in the transaction?

Plum is involved throughout the process to form the group and help them connect with PlumCertified Professionals (such as agents, lenders, attorneys, and property managers).  Plum attends the closing, but only as an advisor to the Group.  Plum does not play a formal role in closing.

Where do you operate?

Plum is currently serving the United States, with future plans to expand internationally.

Can the Group rent its house out?

Yes! Or maybe, no! The Group decides the House Rules on rental terms and many other things as part of their operating agreement established before the purchase is made. Of course those House Rules can be changed at any time by agreement between all the owners.

Is Plum a real estate agency?

We are a licensed real estate firm in North Carolina. We can refer to and take referrals from anywhere in the US.

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