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Working with Plum is Easy

Build a Plum

Plum makes it easy to dream the dream.  Explore existing proposals in our Plum Marketplace, or create an account and shape your idea in a beautiful proposal to share with family and friends using our Plum Builder… for free!

Form Your Group

Get a group of like minded co-owners together. You can start with family and friends, or meet well-vetted parties with similar interests, or bit of both. 

Get Your Ducks in a Row

Happy co-owners have one thing in common…  They agree to all of the “stuff” before they meet with a realtor.  Is it ok to bring dogs?  What about smoking?  Smoking dogs?  Probably not.  Our Realtor Ready checklist makes it easy to get into agreement before meeting a realtor.  

Buy the Perfect Vacation Home Together

We’ll introduce you to a Plum Certified™ Realtor, you’ll buy the house, and we’ll help you run the house with ease.  From our house binder to our vacation calendar to our maintenance schedule, we’ve taken care of all of the hard parts for you.

Not sure where to start?
Take a look at our featured Plums.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the simplest language, what does Plum do?

We help people form co-ownership groups and help them get Realtor Ready™ by solving all of the hard things upfront (building the right legal agreements, agreeing to house rules, setting up the budget, understanding the maintenance schedule, and fairly allocating vacation days). 

Once the group has bought a vacation home together, we make it easy to manage that property with maintenance schedules, concierge services, vacation scheduling, streamlining the finances (including the reserve fund!), and we even offer dispute resolution for that occasional disagreement about whether to buy that hot tub!

What does “co-ownership” mean?
Plum wants its customers to enjoy the full benefits of owning real property.  We’re just making it easy for groups of people to pool their resources so that together, they can own better houses in better locations.

Plum’s co-owners are protected by expertly crafted legal documents that promote clear understanding among them.

How many co-owners are there per home?
That’s up to you!  In our experience, we generally see groups of 3-4, and sometimes groups of 8-10.  The groups who aim for 3-4 owners usually think of the property as a comfy getaway where they can leave some of their belongings and have high availability and flexibility.  The groups of 8-10 generally like to be able to go to the same place, have the comfort and familiarity of a single home, and value very affordable ownership shares, but treat the property a bit more like a “check in, check out” experience.

What Folks Are Saying About Plum

“It’s shocking to me to see how affordable it is, based on these numbers.  So excited to get started.”

- Amanda W.

“Okay, just checked it out and that’s pretty amazing! Cheaper than a hotel AND you own it.  Pretty cool!”

– Nicole B.

“The vacation scheduler and the home binder are so organized and well worth the subscription fee.”

– Ross S.

About Plum

Plum is the simplest way for people to buy and own homes together. Plum helps people explore if co-ownership is right for them, and if so, guides them through a simple process to help them generate the proper legal documentation to protect the interests of each member of the group and the relationships between them. Following purchase, Plum provides easy-to-use tools to help co-owners manage their shared home and resolve issues gracefully.

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