Revolutionizing the way people own vacation homes through co-ownership, Plum’s platform and approach makes it easy to own a vacation home at your ideal location, fitting within your budget and terms.

Fractional Ownership Group Options

In this new era of the sharing economy, people are comfortable leveraging innovative technology to vet fellow co-owners, create transparency and security in financial transactions, and communicate clearly to manage their vacation home together. In fact, more than 60% of the people we engage with are seeking to join or form a group with people they meet through Plum. All options below are mostly similar with some minor variances.

Option 1: Join an Established Group

An established group consists of individuals who’ve agreed to co-own a vacation home. They’ve formed a proposal, which includes images and descriptions of a desired location, property type, co-buyer count, financial terms, usage plans (ex. personal % vs. rental %), maintenance duties, personal goals, and decision-making processes. The group may consist of friends, family members, or other vetted friends who’ve just met.


  • Less Effort: Some groundwork has likely been initiated by a group organizer.
  • Momentum: The process to attract other like-minded co-buyers has probably kicked off.

Option 2: Form a New Group

Forming a new group as an organizer starts with building a new proposal, so that you can begin attracting a like-minded set of co-buyers. As with all fractional models at Plum, this allows participants to share costs, responsibilities, and benefits, making property ownership much more accessible. As the organizer of a new group, you’ll have the lead on establishing the property details, preferences (such as the pet policy, or desired amenities, such as a hot tub), and the terms of ownership. It costs nothing to get started. You can have a professional proposal designed in less than 10 minutes!


  • Control: Lead the tailoring of the terms of ownership and the property.
  • Choice of Members: Added flexibility with who to co-own with, such as family, friends…or new vetted friends.

Option 3: Family and Friends Co-ownership

Family co-buying of a vacation property presents a unique dynamic, blending shared history and emotional bonds. Many Plum clients start by building a private proposal that can be shared with family and friends. It requires careful planning, from setting usage rules to agreeing on financial and maintenance responsibilities. Handling changes in family structure and managing potential disagreements are crucial to preserve family relationships. Despite its complexity, co-ownership can be a rewarding way to create lasting memories and to invest in a shared future.  Start a family Plum group today.


  • Rules: Family members still require rules to co-own happily.
  • Private or Public: A Private group makes the most sense when the number of family members (shares) is established OR new co-buyers will be acquired through referrals only.

Co-owner Stories

Three Plum clients share their experiences with co-ownership, and how Plum helped make it possible.

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Jenn wanted a beach home, so she recruited a group of co-owners to buy one.

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The Mathiases partnered with 3 other families to co-own the mountain home of their dreams.

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Get Help with Co-Ownership

Have questions? Our proficient Plum concierges are ready to assist on your co-ownership journey.

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