Sell your vacation home

Facing rising costs and reduced usage of your vacation home? Consider co-ownership. Sell one or more shares of your home to trusted and aligned co-owners, freeing up precious capital, but continue enjoying your getaway spot.


Steps To Fractionalize Your Home

Plum has invested hundreds of hours in research and direct client engagement. We have the tools to help.

1. Explore Your Own Usage

If you’re like most vacation home owners, your home is sitting empty 10 months out of the year.  If that is true, then you’re not really giving anything up to sell shares to other well-vetted co-owners.

2. Capture Your Own Preferences

As you shift into co-ownership, the Group will now need to come to agreement about rules, preferences and amenities.  That said, you are in a great position to state those preferences upfront, and seek out co-owners who are aligned.

3. Get a Professional Appraisal

Enhance co-buyer confidence with a professional property valuation, confirming the fair market value of your property and shares, moving beyond just your word.

4. Get PlumCertified

It can be a little awkward to ask people to show you their bank accounts. It’s helpful to have an objective third party do that work.  Our PlumCertified background check process includes a background check, a soft credit pull (740+), and a validation of liquid assets.

5. List in our marketplace

Now that you’re PlumCertified, you can list your property in our Marketplace for other PlumCertified co-buyers to check out!

Get Help with Co-Ownership

Plum’s friendly concierges are here to answer questions about co-ownership. Drop us a line!

Get help with Co-Ownership


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