Plum Wins Shot at $175k Investment from Netflix’s 1st CEO

Plum CEO Matt Williamson competed on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Elevator Pitch, and won a shot at $175k investment from Netflix’s 1st CEO, Marc Randolph.  Check out the exciting pitch, the hard questions, and the big win!

“We’re Democratizing Vacation Home Ownership”

Our CEO Matt Williamson faced tough questions from a panel of three potential investors, such as:

  • Is this just “sexy timeshare?”
  • Aren’t there already other co-ownership start ups trying this?
  • How will you scale the legal and operational aspects of managing co-owners?

Two of the three investors liked Matt’s answers enough to offer to invest $175k, and after some hard, on the spot decision making, Matt selected Marc!

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Get Help with Co-Ownership

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