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Plum simplifies co-ownership with tools to help you every step of the way.

We help you through the journey

All the details you want to know

Listen to shared experiences

Your dream is affordable and within reach

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We imagine a world in which everyone can own anything through the power of co-ownership.


Plum is the easiest way for people to buy and co-own a vacation home, together.


Be You. Authentically.

Plums come in a lot of different shapes, sizes, colors, flavors, and origins. It’s cool. In fact, it’s better that way.

Less is More.

Our co-owner customers want things to be easy. We challenge ourselves to delight them by removing unnecessary steps and burdens in everything we do.

Openness and Transparency.

The best way to resolve issues quickly is to provide smart, committed people all of the information and empower them to solve issues. We trust our Plumarians to handle information (even the tough, sensitive stuff) with confidence and resolve.

Get the Job Done, Right

We take pride in our work, and commit to hustle until the goal is achieved, and the outcome is something we can be proud of. Sometimes that means burning the midnight oil, and that’s ok.

Missionaries, not Mercenaries.

Life is short.  We can spend it being a cog in a wheel chasing the next buck, or we can do audacious things that will change the world with nice, talented people that we care about and can count on.  We prefer the latter.  #PlumCommitted.


Wellness Wednesday

We close the office every other Wednesday at 2:00pm because we believe in normalizing wellness.

Employees can use that time to maximize their wellness.  

For example:

    • Schedule that overdue doctor’s appointment;
    • Engage in therapy (#NormalizeMentalHealth);
    • Go for a long hike with a friend; or,
    • Run personal errands that have been building up.

Team Day

Three times a year, we close the office and focus inwardly to weave the fabric of personal relationships among our team members.

There are three key components of the Plum Team Day:


  1. Science of the Team – We hire smart, curious, exceptional people, and they like to know how to do teamwork well, so we partner with leading experts to learn about best practices in team cohesion and collaborative working.
  2. Volunteering with Habitat for Humanity – We are making long term commitments to the Habitat for Humanity affiliates where our employees live, in pursuit of eradicating poverty housing in our communities.  On Team Day, we volunteer together and build relationships as we build homes.
  3. #PlumFun – We wrap each team day by goofing off with our work friends, because, well, it’s fun to goof off with our friends.  😉

Plum Advisory Board

Tom Reddin

Managing Director Red Dog Ventures
President & CEO Lending Tree

Allen Mask

GM Airbnb Experiences
Chief of Staff Sonos

Wes Herman

Vice President Amazon
CEO EZPrints (Cafe Press)

Plum CoOwnership, Inc. is a venture-backed vacation co-ownership platform company that makes it 10x easier for people to form a group, buy a vacation home, and co-own it together gracefully.  Plum helps match potential co-owners, frame key decisions that culminate in an LLC operating agreement, and then engages realtors and lenders who can help the group buy a vacation home together.  Plum also provides tools to make co-ownership easy, such as a group home binder, a group vacation scheduler and a group maintenance calendar. 

Plum has raised over $1MM in venture capital from Studio VC and Scot Wingo’s Triangle Tweener Fund, among others.

We’re hiring!  Check out our open positions!

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