Cracking the Fractional Ownership Code:
Timeshare, Pacaso, and Plum CoOwnership

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Investing in Vacation Memories

Vacations are a time-honored tradition that allows families and friends to restore, rejuvenate, and reconnect. As more families seek a life-work balance, there is no debate that vacations are good for the soul.

What is debatable, however, is how you choose to vacation. First, where do you want to vacation – the beach, a golf resort, a mountain, or a lakeside property? Then you need to consider how best to invest in your vacations. Do you prefer a vacation experience at an Airbnb or a home swap, a “time” investment with a timeshare, or an equity investment with the co-ownership of a vacation home?

Now, let’s explore the benefits of co-ownership vs. a timeshare, followed by a benefits comparison of Plum CoOwnership vs. Pacaso.

Timeshare vs. Plum CoOwnership

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Plum CoOwnership, like Pacaso, is not a timeshare.

The financial commitment for a timeshare is typically lower, with an average share price of $20,000-$30,000, but that is for an average of one week of usage per year and you do not own equity in the property. You are simply buying “time” in a timeshare. With Plum CoOwnership, your usage and equity is equal to your share percentage. An initial investment with Plum CoOwnership can start at $50,000-$100,000 per share. Of course, your share price can vary based on the property sale price and number of co-owners. Regardless, this type of investment asset is likely to increase in value over time versus a timeshare which depreciates over time.

Timeshares are usually condos at a vacation resort, whereas you can co-own a home in any neighborhood in a vacation destination. Typically, timeshares offer limited flexibility with your designated vacation period. Plum CoOwnership, on the other hand, offers greater flexibility in scheduling your vacation. Moreover, you are not allowed to rent or Airbnb your timeshare. With Plum, co-owners make the rental determination, subject to local rules and regulations, of course.

A common complaint among timeshare owners is the lack of coordination with vacation schedules and speedy resolution of conflicts. Plum CoOwnership offers co-owner compatibility screening and consensus building processes to minimize conflicts, and the Plum platform manages vacation schedules. Additionally, mediation is offered through a Plum concierge if a conflict should occur.

Before considering a timeshare, we encourage you to view this detailed benefits comparison between Plum CoOwnership and timeshare.



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Owner’s Equity

No Equity Equity is equal to
Share Percentage

Average Share Price

$20,000-$30,000 $50,000-$100,000

Number of Shares

52 2-12


Vacation Destinations/Resorts Any Destination

Property Type

Condominium Any Property – Luxury, New, or Fixer-Upper Homes

Time Periods

Limited Flexibility Greater Flexibility

Co-Owner Compatibility

Group Formation &
Compatibility Prescreening

Rent/Airbnb Unused Nights

No Group Determined &
Local Regulations Dependent

Resale Value

Depreciating Appreciating


Pacaso vs. Plum CoOwnership

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At Plum, we believe in co-ownership your way.

Where do you want to own a vacation home? Who do you want to share the home with? How many shares? What type of home do you want? How much do you want to invest? But one more important choice is which company to partner with to help you navigate the co-ownership process.

How does Pacaso work compared to Plum CoOwnership?

When exploring the different co-ownership companies, you will notice significant differences between Plum CoOwnership, an emerging start-up in flexible lifestyle co-ownership, and Pacaso, the global leader in ultra-luxury property co-ownership.

First, the co-ownership models are fundamentally different. Plum does not own properties but offers access to available properties through a shared technology platform, while Pacaso only offers access to their properties from their robust real estate portfolio.

The Plum shared platform is a key differentiator enabling the rapid selection of your ideal vacation home and creating or finding the right co-buyer group and an agent that meets your criteria. Meanwhile, Pacaso home selection is only facilitated through Pacaso property acquisition.

Another unique distinction for Plum is owner compatibility. Plum simplifies the group formation process – you can join an existing group or create your own group. Plum also conducts critical due diligence – background and credit checks on each co-buyer and prescreens for likes and dislikes. Pacaso, on the other hand, does not offer group formation or compatibility prescreening.

High net-worth individuals compete for select Pacaso homes vs. Plum’s mass affluent customers with access to properties anywhere.

While both companies offer equity parity, the initial investment is significantly different. Plum’s collective share value is the market value of the home purchased. However, Pacaso’s share value is typically >20% higher than the market value. In addition to selling their properties, Pacaso makes money on interior and exterior design upgrades, service fees, and financing fees. Pacaso will finance up to 70% of the home purchase price and charge a small fee upon closing. With an initial investment greater than $850,000, high-net-worth individuals typically compete for Pacaso homes. Meanwhile, mass affluent owners are more likely to join a Plum group to co-buy a more affordable home.

Properties in any destination.

Plum CoOwnership makes your dream of a vacation home affordable. Plum offers access to any property in any destination – from new homes to luxury residences or fixer-uppers. In contrast, Pacaso offers access to only top destinations and its curated selection of ultra-luxury homes.

Managed ownership is so critical for the group’s enjoyment and resale. Plum offers a concierge-guided process, while Pacaso includes a professionally managed service.

The opportunity to rent or Airbnb unused time is another distinction.

With Plum, this decision is determined by the group, not the company, whereas Pacaso does not offer the opportunity to rent or Airbnb unused time.

Bottom line, Plum CoOwnership over indexes for happiness with a more flexible lifestyle co-ownership approach, ultimately making your dream of vacation ownership someday – a reality today.

Consider the detailed benefits comparison below between Plum CoOwnership and Pacaso for more insights.




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Global Leader In Ultra-Luxury Property Co-Ownership Emerging Start-up in Flexible Lifestyle Co-Ownership –
Your Property, Your Way

Co-ownership Model

Asset Heavy Model Fueled by $1 Billion Real Estate Portfolio Asset Light Model Fueled by Shared Technology Platform

Owner’s Equity

100% Equity 100% Equity

Initial Investment

Typical Share Value:
>$850,000 + Mandatory Fees (Home Upgrades, Financing, Service Fees)
Typical Share Value: $50,000-$100,000

Number of Shares

8 2-12


Select, Top Destinations Any Destination

Property Type

Curated Properties –
Ultra-Luxury Homes
Any Property – Luxury, New, or Fixer-Upper Homes

Selection Process

Selection Facilitated through Pacaso Property Acquisition Rapid Selection of Homes, Co-Buyers, and Agents Facilitated on the Plum Platform

Terms & Conditions

Predetermined & Mandatory Established, yet Flexible &
Group Determined

Co-Owner Compatibility

Group Formation & Compatibility Prescreening

Agent Compatibility

Limited Properties to Agent Match Any Property to Agent Match

Interior/Exterior Design

Professionally Designed Co-Buyer/Group Designed

Managed Ownership

Professionally Managed Concierge Guided

Unused Nights

No Group Determined &
Local Regulations Dependent

How It Works

Plum simplifies co-ownership with tools to help you every step of the way.

We help you through the journey

All the details you want to know

Listen to shared experiences

Your dream is affordable and within reach

We’re here to help!

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