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Shared Ownership Homes: Why is it even more sensible today?

by | Nov 29, 2021

Many of you have used Uber and Airbnb, so the sharing economy has been in your life. Co-ownership is a wonderful extension that allows you to afford and use a vacation home of your dreams.

It would be great to be on vacation 52 weeks a year, but that is clearly infeasible.  So if you had access to a home for 12 weeks a year (with 3 other owners), it would be available to others for 36+ weeks a year.  These other owners would share your concerns about upkeep of the property, so you can expect them to act in a reasonable manner, and behave in the best way to protect their investment.

Using software to aid in the scheduling of the use of the property and with automated maintenance nudges to ensure the upkeep of the property, all of the owners can rest assured that their investment is secure.

The initial development of a secure, robust ownership agreement will help all of the co-owners understand that their rights are being upheld and their preferences are being addressed.   This hashing out of the details can be done in person, through video calls, emails or even texting.

Participating in the efficient use of a property may be the best reason for co-ownership of a vacation home.  The dream vacation house you want is available!  With the right group of co-owners, you will all have access to the property when you want.

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